Chrissy will help you to become inspired by your breath, which will create the motivation to really concentrate on it.

Why Chrissy

After twenty years of dance study, Chrissy tagged along with a friend to a power vinyasa class at a donation-based studio in New York City’s east village. This first and most honest class startled her with its resonance, springing her life forward into opening after opening. She trained in the summer of 2009 with Yoga to The People, dove right into teaching 10+ classes a week and gaining the YTTP studios in Berkeley and San Francisco a foothold. In 2013 she moved to Nevada City, and has taught at Kinfolk Yoga and The Golden Mandala. Her classes have evolved to be accessible for all ages and body types, focusing more on breath and mental focus and less on advanced asana. To Chrissy, a yoga practice is a coming home to breath. It is the building of the most significant companionship we have the chance to make in life - the one with our breath. From the strength of this companionship comes the self-love that leads to happiness, confidence, and prosperity.


Her massage is truly divine.

Chrissy has a very sensitive and intuitive touch.  She brings a tremendous amount of presence to her massage, which allows me to feel completely taken care of and nurtured.  Her massage is truly divine.

Usha Rose

Moving my body like a pretzel

Chrissy offers exquisite, grounded Thai Massage. Her presence and fluidity moving my body like a pretzel feels so yummy and allows me to fully surrender and receive. The herbal packs and other layers of healing modalities that she weaves in just ads to the melting experience. I recommend her to everyone.

Matia Divitt

I was amazed

This was my first experience at Thai Massage and I was amazed.  Somewhere between a massage session, yoga class, and a contact yoga session, I came away feel incredibly rejuvenated, relaxed, and like I had done a great stretch session all while lying there and allowing Chrissy to manipulate my body as she saw fit.  I was amazed at how she seemed able to apply pressure in the simplest of ways to effect great results.

Ashely Votaw

She transports me

Chrissy embodies a loving, nurturing, soothing, sensuousness that she transfers into my own being when she is working on me. I don’t know what she is doing, I lose track, I don’t care, and I don’t know what is up or down! She transports me through my body, out of my body and back down into it again, into a settled, relaxed and altered place. I recommend letting her take you on that journey.

Sydney Weaver