Chrissy’s study of the body and its energetic systems began in 2007, from an experience of pure enlightenment that came out of the blue and lasted a couple of months. It was shortly after this experience that she took her first yoga class, and its startling resonance brought her to teacher training in 2009. She has been studying and teaching yoga ever since. In 2012, Chrissy discovered Thai Massage as a key component to the therapeutic lineage of Acroyoga. Something deep within her resonated with the concepts and basic principles, and she began informal study through giving and receiving Thai Massage for the next few years. In 2015, she began her formal studies with Janice Gagnon at Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage.

Since 2015, Chrissy has completed Levels 1-4 of Traditional Northern Style Thai Massage as well as Thai Herbal Massage. She has also studied Advanced Loi Kroh style with Keith Wagner, completing an introductory course to Advanced Studies, as well as completing Chi Nei Tsang Advanced Abdominal Massage with Anya Devi.

Over the years Chrissy has refined her skills in Therapeutic Thai Massage. She specializes in acute and chronic conditions such as:

Bulging Discs- The session will focus on opening and relaxing muscles around the discs, also releasing hip and leg muscles that commonly cause the back to tighten.

Back Pain- Many of us deal with general back pain. This can be caused from a number of issues such as weak and over stretch back muscles, in which case the shoulders and chest would also be addressed, or tight and weak back muscles where they need deep work to be released.
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome- Focus is given to the flexor and extensor muscles of the lower arms all the way to the shoulders and neck.
Arthritis- Passive joint rotation and light stretching allow the joint capsules to create more synovial fluid, allowing for smoother movement and rotation.  The Thai herbal compresses have anti-inflammatory properties, smoothing out inflammation around the joints.
Anxiety and/or Depression- Thai massage is extremely rejuvenating and is able to calm the nervous system in a unique way. The combination of gentle rocking, passive stretching, muscle compression and hot Thai herbal compresses create an atmosphere of comfort and safety.
Sciatica- While the pain of sciatica is often experienced in the hip and outer lower leg, a session focusing on this condition will address the low back, psoas, piriformis, hip joint (mobility) and the entire leg. The hot Thai herbal compresses allow a deeper pressure without causing pain due to their ability to warm the muscles quickly.
Neck/ Shoulder Pain- A session dealing with this condition will involve range of motion of the shoulder joint, releasing the muscles that attach to the scapula, as well as the muscles attaching to the neck and base of the skull.
Knee Pain/ Surgery- A therapeutic Thai massage is particularly good at dealing with a knee injury or surgery. There are specific techniques that release the facia around the knee to allow for optimal movement and joint mobility.
Parkinson's- Thai Massage meets the client where they are. People with Parkinson's tend to be tense and stiff. Thai massage can help reduce the shaking and rigidity because of the gentle rocking movements created during the massage.  The tremors created from the disease tend to lesson with movement. Thai Massage is especially beneficial because the movement is received passively allowing for a deeper relaxation. Thai massage directly affects the nervous system making  it is especially beneficial to people with Parkinson's.

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